Mika Roinila
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A native of Finland, Mika Roinila is International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
Coordinator at John Adams High School in South Bend, Indiana. Mika also serves
as an Adjunct Online Professor of Geography for LeTourneau University in
Longview, TX and Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI. He earned his
PhD at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1997 in the field of cultural-
historical geography.  His dissertation centered on the study of Finland Swedes in
Canada and was published by Finland's Institute of Migration in 2000. He has lived
for periods in Australia, Sweden, Canada, and the USA.

For more information about Mika Roinila and his work, you can check out his
former website at the following address:




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Dozens of articles have appeared in the following journals/magazines/newspapers:
Siirtolaisuus-Migration, Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, Helsingin Sanomat,
Canadan Uutiset, Vapaa Sana, Finnish-American Reporter, Suomen Silta,
Amerikan Uutiset, Finlandia Weekly, Ledstjärnan, Norden, Raivaaja, and
Länsirannikon Uutiset.

For Finnish Fishermen of Lake Superior (originally published in the Finnish-
American Reporter and Canadan Uutiset) in Emigrant Tracking: Finnish and
Scandinavian Resources - a collection of weblinks and sites to research articles,
genealogy, etc. organized by Staffan Storteir of Sydeby, Finland. (Go to Mika
Roinila's page at the link above to access this work.)
Dr. Mika Roinila