Kippis! Submission Guidelines
Finnish North American Literature Association

Kippis! would like to be a suitable and comfortable home for your work.  With this in mind,
please read the following guidelines so that you can better understand the kind of writing
we are looking for and how we would like you to present it to us.

What We Like To See

Kippis! welcomes submissions of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, photos, and art work
from both emerging and unpublished writers as well as more experienced writers.  While
we are open to any style and subject matter of material sent to us, we do have a strong bias
in favor of work that stresses the increasingly cross-cultural nature of the human
experience.  The immigrant/emigrant experience, strangers in strange lands, language
barriers, unique foods, music, social practices – all of these and more are part of the forces
that can either unite us or divide us as a species, and these kinds of themes are what we
love to present in Kippis.  Regardless of subject matter, however, make sure the work you
send us is your best:  revised, corrected, proofread, all those good things.

What We Don’t Like To See

We do not consider genre work such as children’s literature, westerns, romance, horror, or
science fiction, nor do we consider unsolicited book reviews.
 Kippis! does not consider
previously published (whether in print or online) material.

How We Like To See It

Fiction can range from being very short (500 words) to longer (3,000-5,000 words).  The
same is true for creative nonfiction.  Since we try to present a variety of pieces in any one
issue, anything longer than 5,000 words may have difficulty being accepted.  For poetry, a
submission of three to five pages containing one or more poems would be the norm.  All
submissions should be typewritten, double-spaced (poetry can be single-spaced), and in a
standard font such as Times New Roman, 12-point.  

Work can be submitted either in the body of an e-mail, as a Word attachment, or through
the postal service.  Your name and contact information should be on the first page of your
manuscript, and your name and the title of your piece(s) should be at the top of each page.

Paper manuscripts not accepted for publication will be recycled.  If you would like your
manuscript returned please submit it with an addressed, stamped envelope of a proper size
to hold it.  Our decision on your work will generally be given to you by e-mail.  If you
would like a postal response without having your manuscript returned to you, please include
a self-addressed, stamped envelope of a #10 business size.  Writers with non-U.S.
addresses need to include postage in the form of International Reply Coupons (IRC’s).

Cover Letter

A cover letter with your manuscript or in your e-mail is recommended but not required.  It
is, however, your chance to tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are in your
writing career.  Let us know if you’ve published before and where you’ve published, but
keep in mind that we are always thrilled to be the very first publication to present a new
writer’s work to the world.

Simultaneous Submissions

Kippis! reads submissions all year round.  While we try to respond to your work as quickly
as possible, the quantity of submissions we receive sometimes makes a prompt response to
your work impossible.  Thus, feel free to submit your work elsewhere while we are also
considering it.  We do ask that you notify us immediately if your work has been accepted
for publication elsewhere.


Kippis! acquires First North American Serial rights upon acceptance of your work for
publication.  All rights revert to the author following publication.  Kippis also reserves the
right to archive your work electronically, as well as to publish it in a print anthology should
we decide to put together such a publication in the future.  

Where To Send Your Work

    Electronic submissions:                               Postal submissions:

    gkwuori at hotmail dot com                         G. K. Wuori
                                                                    Assoc. Editor
                                                                    1505 Margaret Lane
                                                                     DeKalb, Illinois 60115